Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Well I did it! I have a blog. After lots of convincing by Emily it's here, thanks to her! She says it's easy she better be right.
No but really I've been wanting to do this for a while now. To keep our far away family and friends updated.
SO here it is...don't pay too much attention to the spelling and grammar and ENJOY!!!!

Grace turned 11 months yesterday and I can't believe it!!! She is turning more into a little girl everyday. She loves to dance, it's her new thing. Whenever music is playing (or your singing) she start bopping up and down or back and forth. She loves to wave "Hi" and "Bye". She'll even wave at the phone. She gives great kisses and hugs but ONLY when SHE wants too. DaDa is still her only "official" word. If you say "Grace say MaMa" she respond by saying "DaDa"...nice!!


The Lovealls said...

Test 1, Test 1,2, Test 1,2,3
Just making sure I can comment. It is about time you get a blog. Welcome to the blog world. Love you and looking forward to your future posts AND more pictures of my niece!
Love ya!

Lyra said...

Hey, Miranda! Welcome to blogland! Grace is so precious!!!!!

Alicia said...

Hi, I'm a friend of emily's.

Your Grace seems like such a happy girl! Always a joy to see photos of her.

Welcome to the blogging world! Have fun with it. It'll get addicting! :)

Alicia Bradley

The Manrings said...

Yippee for your new blog. I love it! It is such a fun way to keep in touch and document each day with your family. Yes!! See you Wednesday at the library!! I can't believe Grace is 11 months old...what a big girl, yah!!xo