Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sleeping beauty

Isn't a sleeping baby just the sweetest thing ever.
You may be asking yourself "What is that thing that she is laying on top of and has a death grip too?" Well, that is Little Froggie or Freddy. We really haven't come up with a proper name. Suggestions are being taken. "He" is very boy looking so girl names are out. Grace has chosen this animal as her security item. She picked him out all on her own. He DOES NOT leave the crib, for fear that he could possibly be missed placed. Which would probably cause more trauma to me then her. If you peek in on her during nap or bed time. Froggie is there. Sometimes she uses him as a pillow. Usually she all snuggled up to him. With out fail she throws Froggie out of her crib in the morning. We can not start the morning without placing Froggie back in the crib safe and sound.


Dylan and Kelli said...

So cute and getting so big! Pretty soon she won't be able to sleep stretched out across the crib like that. :-)

Anonymous said...

aw that is adorable! There really is nothing cuter than a sleeping baby, especially this one! I love little Gracie!
&hearts Aunt Liza

Stacie said...

Lydia has that sleeper! John used to throw Bobby out of the crib and scream, so we would safety pin it to him. :)